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    Cat stretches are the greatest!   Especially when the cat in question makes groany old man noises. Errrrrrrgggaaaaaahhhhhrrruuuuuuuffffffffff!     Advertisements

Snuggle Monster in My Shirt

Sometimes this happens: And it’s So… Super… Cute. But then sometimes he tries to get into a shirt he won’t fit in (See the video on Facebook). And that’s slightly less cute. Ok, it’s still kinda cute.

Batman Puppet Show

I was sitting on the couch one warm and sunny August afternoon (as opposed to yesterday’s bitterly cold and slightly rainy October afternoon) with my special little guy in the kitty-destroyed snot-covered butt-bucket of a back cushion over my shoulder when I looked up and saw…. BATMAN. And because I am five years old, not … Continue reading

You Made Mommy Mad

When Cristian got up this morning to go to the bathroom, Bill ran right into the bedroom and jumped up on the bed beside me. He usually prefers a spot with the best vantage point for the paranoid preparation of scary thing (like noises and things moving), although I’ve never seen this deter him from … Continue reading

Good Morning Captain

My internal alarm clock is now set to 5am so I woke up this morning at 5am, went to the bathroom, thought about things for a second, and realized it was Saturday and I didn’t need to get up until 7am. On my way back into the bedroom, Captain stealthed through the door, like he … Continue reading

Fair Warning

Dear Kitties, Mommy… has some bad news… for you. You see… Mommies and Daddies can’t always stay home all day to play with kitties. Sometimes, they have to leave the house and go do chores in other buildings so they can earn money to pay for your food and your kitty litter and your super … Continue reading

Devil Cat Wants Outsies

Yesterday, I was in my office, WORKING. I’m WORKING, kitties! Leave Mommy alone! So I was working and Captain was crying in the hallway. Then he was crying in my office. Then he was crying while rubbing against my feet. Then he was crying while standing on the shelf next to my desk. Then he … Continue reading

My Morning’s Levitation

My friends and furriends, I have today witnessed something truly… truly truly outrageous. This is not Bill, obviously. I couldn’t possibly have predicted the awesomeness of what I was about to see while rubbing the sleep out of my eyes and entertaining the cat until my coffee was ready. But imagine, if you will, a … Continue reading

Weight Loss is an Adjustment

It used to be, I could play with Bill for 5, maybe 10 minutes and then he’d get tired, flop over, and take a nap. Now that he’s eating a normal portion of food and isn’t quite the chub he used to be, play time is like 20 or 30 minutes. And I don’t just … Continue reading