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Box Backer-Outer

Pardon the crappy cell phone pictures but it was just too funny not to share. I was sitting on the couch yesterday, watching Reality Bites in between loads of laundry when I heard a strange scratchy sound coming from the stack of boxes we still… haven’t so much… gotten rid of. I figure it was … Continue reading

We’re All Very Busy Today

No one wants to stay home and sleep in more than… every mammal in my house, but it cannot be today. 2 out of 4 of us need to go to work in about an hour. The other 2… I’m sure they’ll keep very busy making horrible stinky messes for us to come home to. … Continue reading

I Shall Not Be Contained!

I’m pretty sure that yelling at my cats when they do something wrong just irritates them and makes them want to misbehave more. Because Bill… was waiting at the front door to greet us again last night. And when I say “greet” I mean ESCAPE! Not that I’m not just a little bit proud of … Continue reading

Daddy Makes Loud Noises

I was out last night so I did not witness any of the events herein described. Cristian and his dad like old cars. They have three. These three cars live in his dad’s garage which less than a quarter mile from our house. Unfortunately, two of the three cars have issues that need to be … Continue reading

Cat Tails Are Cheap

I just realized the other day, as I was revisiting our vet experience in my mind, that homegirl (the vet) did not address the two concerns I came to her with. If you’ll recall, I made the appointment in the first place because Captain’s tail was all wonky and I read an article about cat … Continue reading

Wheezyriders Are All About Independence

But not so much about fireworks. They did not enjoy the city’s display as they popped and crackled a little too close to our house. They certainly didn’t appreciate all of the late night firework outlaws launching fireworks from the park behind our house. But mostly, I think, they were mad we didn’t let them … Continue reading

Solitary Confinement

Sometimes… kitties hide. Sometimes they do such a good job of being unseen and unheard–and those times are not when mommy’s working or on the phone–that doors close, trapping kitties inside. Sometimes an hour or few go by before anyone notices that one or the other kitty has not been seen in a while. Oops! … Continue reading

Bella Cane (Beautiful Dog)

The Wheezyriders are fairly friendly (I say “fairly” because Captain is SUPER friendly and Bill is a little skittish but curious and when you average that out, it amounts to “fairly”) and I attribute this to their time spent in… the place they came from… which I’m still not sure about. It was like… a … Continue reading

Makeshift Kitty Play Structure

Back to the subject of toys and keeping kitty busy, the above picture is a kitty play structure of my own design comprised of: 1 angled carpeted cat scratcher 1 wave-shaped carpeted cat scratcher 1 flat piece of cardboard 1 folded piece of cardboard 1 cardboard box bottom several kitty toys Billy likes to “stalk his prey” from … Continue reading