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Smells Like Feet

It’s like those cat cartoons where the human is sitting at his/her desk working diligently and the cat wraps itself around its human head in an attempt to get attention. Bill is like that. Less with the head wrapping and more with the crying and clawing my arm. Sometimes I get up and pat him, … Continue reading

Anybody Wanna Peanut?

Ok, that’s it. No more outside! Captain was crying like someone stole his candy this morning so we let the boys outside while I watered the slowly dying plants. They wandered around, sniffed the furniture and because Captain kept trying to escape, we went in early. Except that Bill protested. Of course, Billy always protests… … Continue reading

Captain’s Snack-Filled Nest

Not 10 minutes ago, Cristian called up the stairs, “Why is Captain crying? And where IS he?” So I stopped what I was doing (writing a completely different post for today) and went into the hallway to listen. I could hear him crying and I could hear Cristian walking around calling him but it wasn’t … Continue reading

No Outside. No.

There shall be no open doors for kitties today. Oh no. There shall be no following mommy onto the deck while she waters the plants. Oh no, no, kitties. Because last night, when Cristian and I came home, Bill stealth maneuvered himself under daddy’s legs and sidestepped mommy’s hanging purse to ESCAPE THROUGH THE FRONT … Continue reading

On the Table

In the old house, kitties went pretty much wherever they wanted. All of my furniture was old and used and damaged so I didn’t much care. I kept them off of electronic devices and out of the stove (Captain is partial to any kind of warmth, regardless of the consequences) but otherwise, they had free … Continue reading