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Home Alone

Cristian and I went away over the weekend (but really for only the one night so I’m not sure it even counts as “weekend”) and left the Wheezies alone in the new house for the first time ever. Cristian asked, “Think they’ll have any food left?” My parents’ cat, Daisy, used to eat all of … Continue reading

14 Hour Absence

I’m liking my new job but I’m having trouble with the part where I’m away from the house for about 14 hours a day. I went from an abundance of time for housework and kittysnuggles to about half an hour in the morning and maybe an hour at night. That’s gonna take some gettin’ used … Continue reading

Here We Go

Dear Kitties, Behave yourselves today while Mommy is at her new job. Don’t destroy anything… valuable. Don’t poop (too far) outside the box. And please, please don’t fight amongst yourselves because you blame each other for Mommy’s absence! Also, Daddy’s only gone for a few hours in the morning so feel free to follow him … Continue reading

The New Reality Starts Next Week

Alright, kids and cats, it’s time to come clean. I’m starting a new job next week. Like, a real one where I have to be there all day, which means the Wheezies will be very much on their own for big chunks of the day which hasn’t happened in a while. I expect much poop … Continue reading

Cast Your Vote

Cristian and I went to our polling location early this morning and did the voting thing. When we came home and greeted the cats like we always do, Cristian followed up with, “What do you vote for, kitties? Naps or Snuggles?” Naps or Snuggles, people. It’s up to you to decide!


    Cat stretches are the greatest!   Especially when the cat in question makes groany old man noises. Errrrrrrgggaaaaaahhhhhrrruuuuuuuffffffffff!    


One of my Facebook friends wrote “Maybe the watched pot rule also applies to waiting for power to go out?” Too true. I was so ready yesterday with my flashlights and books to read and turning off my computer “just in case” and then… it just never happened. For which, by the way, I am … Continue reading

Hurricane Prep

    Well, the Wheezies have taken the news of an impending hurricane about as well as I expected:   But even though Mommy didn’t have to go to work this morning, conditions still aren’t that bad. We still have power so… that’s cool. And did we mention, Mommy didn’t have to go to work … Continue reading