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Wheezy Art Slide Show

I started this blog partly because I got laid off and had some time on my hands and partly to practice all sorts’a’ skills, one of which being digital illustration. I’m still learning but I heart my kitty pictures. Do me a favor and don’t steal them, cool? Advertisements

The Winning Over of Fancy Feast Face

I went to my homeslice’s house yesterday for some KittyLove while the humans are vacationing. I did the food part and the poop part and then I went looking for Kittyface for some pats and snuggles. I’m going to stop right here and admit that I completely forget the cat’s name. And I’m sorry about … Continue reading

Laundry No No

  Sometimes laundry gets left out places. It happens when you’re busy, although usually in the bedroom or bathroom next to the hamper. It also happens when Cristian decides it’s too hot for two shirts, whips one off, and tosses it on the floor in whatever room he happens to be. This doesn’t happen often, … Continue reading

Brought to You Today By Number 3 and the Letter C

3 posts. 3 Cat-scented Catastrophes. So after I dealt with the Peepee Stink Feet and the Mountains of Vomit, I found myself wondering, “Captain… why do you smell… industrial?” And friends, I have yet to find the answer. But Captain must have sneaked into some corner of the basement filled with some… sort of poisonous-smelling … Continue reading

Deeply Embedded Kitty Fur and How to Shave It

Another indispensable product in the Wheezyrider household is a pet hair remover for the upholstery. I’ve been using Scotch Fur Fighter and it’s working pretty well. Although it does make me work harder than I want to.  I really wish the vacuum would just suck it up. But it doesn’t. And the Fur Fighter does. So Scotch wins.

About Billy and Butt Dandruff

As promised, a post about Billy… and butt dandruff. I had a cat quite a while back that had greasy greasy fur and dandruff on the butt side of his back. My mom took him the vet and they did all sorts of skin disease tests and liver disease tests and parasite tests and found … Continue reading

Hope is a Sassy-Colored Cat

Twice in the last week, I’ve dreamed of cats with bluish fur. I had wandered through a rich man’s house in the first dream and into a hospital hallway beyond the reception area of a former employer and a white cat with blue and teal patches of fur jumped up on my lap and purred … Continue reading

All Your House Is Belong to Us

In 2009, I had a full-time job, decent wages, my own (rented) house, and a strong desire to adopt… Kitties! My dad knew a guy who knew a gal who worked for Tufts Veterinary  who knew two cats who needed a home. But I’d have to take both. They were besties, you see, and so inseparable … Continue reading