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I Am My Cat’s Horcrux

Billy is an evil wizard who tried to murder me with a severe face-clawing but had his spell rebounded upon him by¬†inadvertently¬†turning me into his horcrux which, naturally, he wouldn’t be able to kill. I have the scar to prove it.   Ok, I know, it looks like a pimple BUT IT’S NOT! It’s my … Continue reading

You Made Mommy Mad

When Cristian got up this morning to go to the bathroom, Bill ran right into the bedroom and jumped up on the bed beside me. He usually prefers a spot with the best vantage point for the paranoid preparation of scary thing (like noises and things moving), although I’ve never seen this deter him from … Continue reading

Lick, Lick, CHOMP!

Oh it starts out all cute and cuddly, Captain nuzzling Bill’s head, Bill licking Captain’s ears but then it turns into a BATTLE! Lick, lick, snuggle becomes CHOMP, BAMF, SMACK! Winner gets the window seat.

He’s a Picky Eater

I recently discovered that Bill has an extreme prejudice to rosemary. One of our students gave us a big bag of herbs from their garden, too big in fact, to be used before they went bad, so I cut them up and froze them for later use. I was in this process of cutting, when … Continue reading

Get Them Paws Up

As I sit here writing this post, I’m pretty sure I’m supposed to be playing jumpy toy with Bill (he is staring at me intensely which usually means I need to play, feed, or pick up poop…. and I already picked up poop) so I better make this quick. I had the good camera from … Continue reading

My Morning’s Levitation

My friends and furriends, I have today witnessed something truly… truly truly outrageous. This is not Bill, obviously. I couldn’t possibly have predicted the awesomeness of what I was about to see while rubbing the sleep out of my eyes and entertaining the cat until my coffee was ready. But imagine, if you will, a … Continue reading

Box Backer-Outer

Pardon the crappy cell phone pictures but it was just too funny not to share. I was sitting on the couch yesterday, watching Reality Bites in between loads of laundry when I heard a strange scratchy sound coming from the stack of boxes we still… haven’t so much… gotten rid of. I figure it was … Continue reading

Breezy But Contained

My mom found this netted cage, probably for small dogs, back when we lived at the old house. The kitties desperately wanted to get outside but, living in the middle of the woods, there were all sorts of creatures that could scratch/bite/peck/eat them out there. Instead of letting Fatty McCantRunAway and Old Man GummyMouthNoClaws fend … Continue reading

Smells Like Feet

It’s like those cat cartoons where the human is sitting at his/her desk working diligently and the cat wraps itself around its human head in an attempt to get attention. Bill is like that. Less with the head wrapping and more with the crying and clawing my arm. Sometimes I get up and pat him, … Continue reading

Anybody Wanna Peanut?

Ok, that’s it. No more outside! Captain was crying like someone stole his candy this morning so we let the boys outside while I watered the slowly dying plants. They wandered around, sniffed the furniture and because Captain kept trying to escape, we went in early. Except that Bill protested. Of course, Billy always protests… … Continue reading