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Some Like It Hot

It’s in the nature of the Cornish Rex to enjoy what others might consider unbearably hot circumstances. I’m willing to bet the industrial smell issue from last week was the result of Captain trying to snuggle the boiler or some other piece of house heating machinery in the basement. And while the bath was unnerving … Continue reading

We’re All Very Busy Today

No one wants to stay home and sleep in more than… every mammal in my house, but it cannot be today. 2 out of 4 of us need to go to work in about an hour. The other 2… I’m sure they’ll keep very busy making horrible stinky messes for us to come home to. … Continue reading

Brought to You Today By Number 3 and the Letter C

3 posts. 3 Cat-scented Catastrophes. So after I dealt with the Peepee Stink Feet and the Mountains of Vomit, I found myself wondering, “Captain… why do you smell… industrial?” And friends, I have yet to find the answer. But Captain must have sneaked into some corner of the basement filled with some… sort of poisonous-smelling … Continue reading

Target Needs to Pay Me to Endorse Pet Products

I keep telling Cristian, you can’t get mad when the cats leave a big ole pukey mess on the carpet. Cats don’t throw up intentionally. If they poop on the carpet, that’s intentional. That warrants a stern talking to and much finger pointing. But puke is an accident so you just clean it and move on … Continue reading

I Shall Not Be Contained!

I’m pretty sure that yelling at my cats when they do something wrong just irritates them and makes them want to misbehave more. Because Bill… was waiting at the front door to greet us again last night. And when I say “greet” I mean ESCAPE! Not that I’m not just a little bit proud of … Continue reading

No Outside. No.

There shall be no open doors for kitties today. Oh no. There shall be no following mommy onto the deck while she waters the plants. Oh no, no, kitties. Because last night, when Cristian and I came home, Bill stealth maneuvered himself under daddy’s legs and sidestepped mommy’s hanging purse to ESCAPE THROUGH THE FRONT … Continue reading

It’s a Sunshine Slideshow

My little buddy is getting old and jumping on things to get to other things (like the stool to the window) is no longer an option. Instead, he stalks the sunshine and snuggles it wherever he can reach.

Son of Peepee Stink Feet

Now, I know that I am not super diligent when it comes to cleaning the litter box and let me tell you why: there’s poop in there. But I never let it get THAT bad, which is is why I was a little…  (I’m gonna use the word “concerned” but I want you to know … Continue reading