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Future Predictions of Lame Pets

So I was playing MASH with a 9 year old yesterday… You know: And the categories were Boy I Will Marry, How Many Children I Will Have, What Type of Car I’ll Drive, and What Pet I’ll Have. And then, of course, Mansion Apartment Shack House. While I doubt I’ll have 14 children or marry … Continue reading

Let Snuggled Kitties Lie

A couple weeks ago, I saw something move right outside the kitchen window. It was Kitty Friend! S/he was curling up on one of our deck chairs on a crappy rainy day and I should have just left sh/im alone. But instead, I opened the door to say hello and s/he ran away. And now … Continue reading

Attack Cat Welcome Committee

Sunday night, as I was coming home from visiting two different catted households where I had indeed petted 2 other cats, I could not get into my house. The mister was out somewhere and it had just gotten dark enough for me to be slightly blind in front of my house with no lights on … Continue reading

Friendship On

I went to visit Madam McShedsalot last night for the last time before her humans come home and I think… yes, I’m pretty sure we’ve made up. It was all snuggles and love (and poops!) and everything is the way it should be. In fact, I got a full-leg face rub (with drool!) that ended … Continue reading

Wheezy Art Slide Show

I started this blog partly because I got laid off and had some time on my hands and partly to practice all sorts’a’ skills, one of which being digital illustration. I’m still learning but I heart my kitty pictures. Do me a favor and don’t steal them, cool?

The Winning Over of Fancy Feast Face

I went to my homeslice’s house yesterday for some KittyLove while the humans are vacationing. I did the food part and the poop part and then I went looking for Kittyface for some pats and snuggles. I’m going to stop right here and admit that I completely forget the cat’s name. And I’m sorry about … Continue reading

The Great Puppy Scare of 2012

I had lunch at my in-laws yesterday and one of the post-meal rituals is the passing of the puppy. Bella’s a bit of a food moocher. She loves to sit on the laps of the recently finished and stare at the leftovers on their plates. She was sitting with me but wanted to be on … Continue reading

Kitty Community Outreach

So, I took Texas‘s advice and asked Captain what his mission was. You guys, he totally wouldn’t tell me. All I know is that our friend, Kitty Friend, hasn’t been seen since late spring but quite possibly, he’s been smelled since then in one of the many outdoor trips the Wheezyriders have taken. I think … Continue reading

Wheezyriders Are All About Independence

But not so much about fireworks. They did not enjoy the city’s display as they popped and crackled a little too close to our house. They certainly didn’t appreciate all of the late night firework outlaws launching fireworks from the park behind our house. But mostly, I think, they were mad we didn’t let them … Continue reading