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If By “Enduring”, You Mean… oh, shiny!

Is it snowing on WordPress or am I up way too early? Does my cat smell like poop or is there cat poop somewhere in this room? These are the enduring questions… of this morning… that I will forget about in 3, 2, 1…. ooh coffee! Advertisements

Scaredy Poop

Bill is afraid of the vacuum.   This is the picture I was texted the day Cristian vacuumed the living room.

House of Yuck

Cristian and I are both coldy stuffy snotty sick and both cats puked within 20 minutes of me shuffling down to the coffee haven for sore throat fixin’s. Casa De Los Wheezies is not a pleasant place to be today.

Hurricane Prep

    Well, the Wheezies have taken the news of an impending hurricane about as well as I expected:   But even though Mommy didn’t have to go to work this morning, conditions still aren’t that bad. We still have power so… that’s cool. And did we mention, Mommy didn’t have to go to work … Continue reading

Work From Home Supervisor

  Everyone knows that freelancers and work-from-homers can’t be trusted not to pop onto Facebook or stop working to do a load of laundry.   I just want to assure you all that I am very well supervised.     So well, in fact, that I occasionally have to ask my supervisor to get his … Continue reading

I Am My Cat’s Horcrux

Billy is an evil wizard who tried to murder me with a severe face-clawing but had his spell rebounded upon him by¬†inadvertently¬†turning me into his horcrux which, naturally, he wouldn’t be able to kill. I have the scar to prove it.   Ok, I know, it looks like a pimple BUT IT’S NOT! It’s my … Continue reading

The Seasons, They Turn

It was 48 degrees when we went to run errands yesterday morning AND YET, Captain is still begging at the back door every single day. He doesn’t understand the concept of it being cold out. So I did open the door for a few minutes but seriously, little dude… when the snow comes, the door … Continue reading

You Made Mommy Mad

When Cristian got up this morning to go to the bathroom, Bill ran right into the bedroom and jumped up on the bed beside me. He usually prefers a spot with the best vantage point for the paranoid preparation of scary thing (like noises and things moving), although I’ve never seen this deter him from … Continue reading

Good Morning Captain

My internal alarm clock is now set to 5am so I woke up this morning at 5am, went to the bathroom, thought about things for a second, and realized it was Saturday and I didn’t need to get up until 7am. On my way back into the bedroom, Captain stealthed through the door, like he … Continue reading