About the Characters

Captain America Woodworth

Captain America Woodworth (formerly Mr. Blue)

Born: 1998ish?

Breed: Cornish Rex

Special Features: Projectile Snot, Goopy Eyes, Lack of Long fur comprising coat (just the fuzzy wavy underhair), Permanent Wheeze (due to tiny nasal passages)

Temperament: People-friendly, Chatty, Snuggly, Bursts of Erratic Playful Energy Followed by Epic Nappy Times

Handicaps: Declawed Front Paws, Missing Lots of Teeth

Likes: Sunshine, Warm Blankets, Sitting on Heating Vents, Chasing Ribbons and/or Wrinkles in Bedclothes, Snuggling, Chicken, Shredded Cheese

Dislikes: Being Picked Up, When Billy Gets More Mommy Attention

Billy Woodworth

Billy Woodworth (formerly Clint)

Born: 2006ish?

Breed: Domestic Shorthair Orange Tabby

Special Features: Fat Belly, Goopy Eyes, Super Duper Heavy, Butt Dandruff

Temperament: Paranoid, Skittish, Scared of Men and Loud Noises (does not like CF during sports watching activities), Playful and Snuggly, Lazy, Fidgety

Handicaps: Super Heavy and Not So Good at Jumping/Climbing, Can’t Seem to Poop in the Box

Likes: Chasing Feathers and Ribbons and Captain, Cardboard Boxes, Going Outside (which is rare), Chicken, Sleeping on Bathroom Tile or Laundry, Brushies

Dislikes: Loud Noises, Fast-moving Objects, Suspicious Objects, Double Standards, Visitors to His Home, When Mommy is Gone All Day

Wendy Woodworth

Wendy Woodworth

Born: 1978ish

Breed: People

Special Features: Loud Voice, Penchant for Clearance Shelves

Temperament: Introverted, Paranoid, Scared of Hospitals and Apocalypses

Handicaps: Super Short, Not So Good at Jumping, Tendency Toward Paranoia, Occasionally Writes As She Speaks

Likes: Kitties, Cookies, Writing, New Things, Comfortable Pants, Paperback Books

Dislikes: Cat puke, Onions, Talking on the Phone


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