The Case of Captain Wrinkle Chaser and the Clean Laundry

Bill likes toys. He likes little fuzzy mice and ribbons and feathers and Dunkin Donuts straws. Keeping Bill occupied is not that hard.

Captain, on the other hand, during his 5 minutes of frantic play per day, chases nothing. Intensely. He bats at nothing on the floor, flips around and bats at nothing on a different part of the floor, pauses in an awkward position, and then runs like the freaking wind away from his imaginary enemy.

Last night, however, Cristian and I were sitting on the bedroom floor folding an epic pile of clean laundry when Captain switched into play mode. I had two shirts laying flat on the floor (to be hung later) and because they’ve been sitting in a laundry basket for 3 days all rolled up (which is what happens when Cristian is in charge of the laundry) they are very wrinkled. Still. Grumble. ANYWAY, Captain pounces on the shirts and does his ATTACK dance with the spins and the batting at nothing only THIS TIME, he was NOT batting at nothing so much as at the wrinkles in my shirt. He was playing … with the wrinkles. Chasing and attacking the wrinkles on my shirt. It was freaking adorable and bizarre all at the same time.

So now I’m wondering if there are some sort of patterns or shadows or… I don’t know, WRINKLES in the carpet that Captain feels the need to vanquish when he goes into frantic play mode. Hmm. The endlessly interesting lives of house cats… which is clearly the name of my next book.


3 thoughts on “The Case of Captain Wrinkle Chaser and the Clean Laundry

  1. I read somewhere -probably the internet- that when cats go into freak play mode it’s because they are practicing hunting and they have a release of hormones or something that makes them freak out. I don’t know if this is true. So sorry to spread a lie. . . 🙂

  2. My cats do that. They just start going crazy for no reason I can figure out.

    I also bought two cat beds last night (one for each of my boys’) and one of them, RJ, decided he absolutely loved one of them (a gray one), but was so scared of the other (a green one) that he won’t walk within a foot of it. I suspect it has something to do with him thinking it (the green pet bed) popped the balloon he was playing with that scared him. Cats are very interesting creatures, and I find myself laughing at them all the time.

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