Home Alone

Cristian and I went away over the weekend (but really for only the one night so I’m not sure it even counts as “weekend”) and left the Wheezies alone in the new house for the first time ever.

Cristian asked, “Think they’ll have any food left?” My parents’ cat, Daisy, used to eat all of her food IMMEDIATELY if she thought my parents weren’t coming back at night. She was not a long-term planner. But my cats were always pretty good about it when I was away from home overnight. So I figured they’d be fine but maybe a little needy, snuggle-patty the second we walked in the door.

False. We had to go find them when we got home.


They were stone cold chillin’ and not in the least bit impressed with our being gone and coming home again.


At first I thought they might be mad but I didn’t find any poop outside the box and nothing was destroyed so… apparently, they don’t mind so much having the castle to themselves.


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