14 Hour Absence

I’m liking my new job but I’m having trouble with the part where I’m away from the house for about 14 hours a day. I went from an abundance of time for housework and kittysnuggles to about half an hour in the morning and maybe an hour at night. That’s gonna take some gettin’ used to. I found a dishwasher full of dirty dishes this morning and 1 clean mug. If Cristian was going to go through the trouble of loading the dishwasher, why wouldn’t he then turn it on? The world may never know.

But where he’s lacking is dishwashing followthrough, he’s showing plenty of love to the Wheezies and sending me pictures of them chillin’ in the basement with him when he’s home in the afternoon.

Now I just need to get him used to cleaning up poop messes and my substitution will be complete.


2 thoughts on “14 Hour Absence

  1. Glad the job is going well but you are right, it’s going to take quite a bit of getting used to the hours and lack of time at home. Training men takes time and patience. Using reward based dog training techniques can work wonders, though. 😀

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