The New Reality Starts Next Week

Alright, kids and cats, it’s time to come clean. I’m starting a new job next week. Like, a real one where I have to be there all day, which means the Wheezies will be very much on their own for big chunks of the day which hasn’t happened in a while. I expect much poop outside the box in protest and much needy love and snuggles when I come home at the very very end of the day.

I also expect fewer posts to this blog. Hey, if kittens want kibbles, mommy’s gotta work. But I promise the kind of toys mommy has never felt justified in buying (like that pyramid-shaped scratchy made of WOOD so the legs of the bed will be spared) and pictures of said toys in use.

For now, please enjoy these pictures of Captain chillin’ in the round chair in the basement while his Kitty Daddy watches sports and looks at pictures of cars on the internet.

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One thought on “The New Reality Starts Next Week

  1. Well done on the new job. Hope it all works out fabulously. Animals get used to new routines quickly enough, although I guess you’re right – you’ll get all sorts of poop to deal with for starters 🙂

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