What Is True Now Must Always Be True



Bill likes to sit next to me while I’m at the computer and that’s why I put the shelf there next to the window. Good kitty, sit sit. Supervise Mommy. Or pretend to chase birds. Whatever.

But lately, he’s been tapping on the glass a lot. I couldn’t figure out why until I finally opened the window all the way the other day. There was a huge bug stuck in the screen. So I flicked it and it fell (I’m guessing it was dead because it did not try to fly away).

This is not the bug herein described. This is, however, the cat who likes to look at bugs.

But Bill keeps tapping on the glass. I don’t know if he’s asking me to open the window (No! It’s cold out!) or if he just assumes there will always be bugs for him to play with if I do open it.


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