Sun Don’t Shine in the Nighttime

Captain seeeeems to think that opening the back door CREATES warmth. I keep trying to explain that this simply is not true. This time of year especially, opening the back door means BUGS and cold, unpleasant breezes.

When it was really cold that day last week and Cristian and I decided to give in and turn on the heat a little, and COZY WARM AIR was STREAMING FORTH from the vents, Captain STILL begged for me to open the back door.

So I redirected him… by picking him up and putting him down next to the vent. Oh he protested at first…

but then he understood.

I didn’t get a picture of it, but not too long after this one was taken, I found him splayed out across the entire vent, sucking up all the warm air. Oh kitten.