I Am My Cat’s Horcrux

Billy is an evil wizard who tried to murder me with a severe face-clawing but had his spell rebounded upon him by inadvertently turning me into his horcrux which, naturally, he wouldn’t be able to kill.

I have the scar to prove it.


Ok, I know, it looks like a pimple BUT IT’S NOT! It’s my lightening scar and I know this because when I touch it, I get a twinge 3 inches away in my scalp that feels like someone is pulling my hair.

My most logical conclusion is that Billy is an evil wizard. And I am his horcrux. It explains perfectly my penchant for naps and ribbons. And chicken. And sitting in windows watching leaves blow.

Look at it again!


It’s horrible and disfiguring and I am bound to have it for the rest of my life… or possibly, like 3 more days.

Evil… evil wizard.


Seriously, though… it’s weird I can feel it in my scalp, right? I’ve looked up symptoms for all the typical cat-related diseases and didn’t find anything so I’m probably not dying but… what gives? It doesn’t HURT anymore and the scratch is almost healed but whenever I touch that area of my forehead, it really feels like something is tugging at my hair 3 inches up. My first guess was ghosts. Then I came up with the horcrux theory. But any medical/scientific information on the subject would be appreciated.


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