Good Morning Captain

My internal alarm clock is now set to 5am so I woke up this morning at 5am, went to the bathroom, thought about things for a second, and realized it was Saturday and I didn’t need to get up until 7am.

On my way back into the bedroom, Captain stealthed through the door, like he does, and immediately started crying (in his chatty voice) and walking across the bed, stepping on Cristian, getting in his face, snuggling between us but not settling down at all. Eventually, he moved to the other end of the bed and, we had hoped, curled up in the comforter and chilled the crap out…. until we heard a weird slurping noise.

Cristian: Wuszat?

Me: Dunnho

Cristian: Cappun?

Me: Prolly lickin’is butt or sunfin. [pause] Orees drinkin’ yur water! Damnit! Cappun! You geddown, bad kitty! No! No!

Cristian keeps a mug of water on his bedside table every night. Captain knows this. And Captain, as previously mentioned, is the king of all available water sources. So despite being yelled at and shooed away EVERY OTHER TIME he has EVER tried to drink that water, he just went to town this morning.

He got kicked out of the bedroom after that. Partially because of the water, yes, but mostly because homeboy is SO LOUD in the morning. Seriously.

But he’s just so cute!


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