Posted in October 2012


    Cat stretches are the greatest!   Especially when the cat in question makes groany old man noises. Errrrrrrgggaaaaaahhhhhrrruuuuuuuffffffffff!     Advertisements


One of my Facebook friends wrote “Maybe the watched pot rule also applies to waiting for power to go out?” Too true. I was so ready yesterday with my flashlights and books to read and turning off my computer “just in case” and then… it just never happened. For which, by the way, I am … Continue reading

Hurricane Prep

    Well, the Wheezies have taken the news of an impending hurricane about as well as I expected:   But even though Mommy didn’t have to go to work this morning, conditions still aren’t that bad. We still have power so… that’s cool. And did we mention, Mommy didn’t have to go to work … Continue reading

What Is True Now Must Always Be True

    Bill likes to sit next to me while I’m at the computer and that’s why I put the shelf there next to the window. Good kitty, sit sit. Supervise Mommy. Or pretend to chase birds. Whatever. But lately, he’s been tapping on the glass a lot. I couldn’t figure out why until I … Continue reading

We Got a Box!

Well, Daddy got a box (again, full of car nonsense) but really, that means… WE GOT A BOX!

Kitty Daddy Stories

I got this text from Cristian this morning on my way to work: And another on the way home: So captain was following me this morning and crying. I gave him food and he got quiet then Billy was crying at me at my computer. I patted him and he got quiet but I think … Continue reading

Work From Home Supervisor

  Everyone knows that freelancers and work-from-homers can’t be trusted not to pop onto Facebook or stop working to do a load of laundry.   I just want to assure you all that I am very well supervised.     So well, in fact, that I occasionally have to ask my supervisor to get his … Continue reading

Going for Gold in the Snugglelympics

Yesterday was sad and gray and rainy, which makes for ideal napping conditions. Friday night in la Casa de Wheezyriders consisted of TV, easy dinner, and serious…. SERIOUS snuggles.   This is Captain on my torso, under a Harry Potter snuggie, with both paws sticking out straight and resting on my face. That, my friends, … Continue reading

Let Snuggled Kitties Lie

A couple weeks ago, I saw something move right outside the kitchen window. It was Kitty Friend! S/he was curling up on one of our deck chairs on a crappy rainy day and I should have just left sh/im alone. But instead, I opened the door to say hello and s/he ran away. And now … Continue reading