Fair Warning

Dear Kitties,

Mommy… has some bad news… for you. You see… Mommies and Daddies can’t always stay home all day to play with kitties. Sometimes, they have to leave the house and go do chores in other buildings so they can earn money to pay for your food and your kitty litter and your super expensive visits to the evil vet.

I know Mommy has been home for most of the day lately and I know how much you enjoy that. But Mommy got a new job in the morning and will have to leave for a few hours to go do that. It won’t be a long time but it will definitely interfere with morning snuggle time and first ribbon chase of the day time. It is very very likely that it’ll interfere with Wheezyrider blog time, too.

But it’s ok. It’s all going to be ok. Mommy will come home as soon as she’d done and she’ll play ribbons and snuggle and have some lunch… before she leaves for the second job in the afternoon. But you guys are used to that one already, aren’t you? Aren’t you, good boys.

So please…. please continue to poop INSIDE the litter box because that’s where the poop goes. Mommy remembers last time she was home a lot and then got a new job and how that inspired you to try pooping on the kitchen floor in the old house. Kitties, Daddy’s face will explode if you poop in the kitchen in new house. Please don’t do it.

Just continue your nappy time for a couple more hours every morning and mommy will be back just as soon as she can to make your lives complete again. Ok?

Mommy loves you, little monsters.


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