Devil Cat Wants Outsies

Yesterday, I was in my office, WORKING. I’m WORKING, kitties! Leave Mommy alone!

So I was working and Captain was crying in the hallway. Then he was crying in my office. Then he was crying while rubbing against my feet. Then he was crying while standing on the shelf next to my desk. Then he was crying while climbing over my arm and into my lap. Then he jumped down, ran into the hallway and cried. Then he cried down the stairs and I could hear him crying in the living room.

This happened in a matter of like, 2 minutes, by the way. I wasn’t ignoring the cries of my fur baby, I was just catching up to his drama.

I followed him downstairs into the kitchen and noticed that the food bowl was almost empty, one of the water bowls was empty and the second water bowl was almost empty. “Well, no wonder you’re crying, little nugget!” says I, filling the food and water bowls. “There you go, buddy.”


But as I walked away, I noticed that Captain was not at the water bowl. He was not interested in the food. And he had not stopped freaking crying.

Little brat monster just wanted me to open the back door.


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