My Morning’s Levitation

My friends and furriends, I have today witnessed something truly… truly truly outrageous.

This is not Bill, obviously. I couldn’t possibly have predicted the awesomeness of what I was about to see while rubbing the sleep out of my eyes and entertaining the cat until my coffee was ready. But imagine, if you will, a chubbier belly and oranger body and there you have it.

Billy… freaking… levitated today. I mean, like at least 2, maybe 2 1/2 feet off the floor. He kicked his chubby legs, like he was swimming, then twisted and fell into a crouch.

MY Billy. MY overweight cat the stupid vet wanted to weigh every two weeks. My big kitty who’s idea of “playing” was strictly a chase for 2 minutes then lay down and bat at it until he fell asleep routine.

I’m just…s o proud of my boy! He’s gonna be quite the athlete when he grows up. You’ll see.


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