Box Sitter

My god, we’ve got a lot of boxes. We didn’t so much throw out the one we got that time when I posted about having a box and how we were going to recycle it the next day. Several next days have gone by and we still have that box. It’s in the living room and Captain occasionally walks through it on his way somewhere else.

But then another package arrived and what I actually mean is three packages, three boxes arrived, Thursday night and Cristian deposited them in the kitchen, upright, in front of the drawers with the flatware and the counter with the coffee machine and after trying to get around the stupid boxes all morning, I finally just EMPTIED THEM to get rid of the stupid freaking boxes in the way.

Although, last time the box came with cart parts, and who cares about that, and this time it came with gorgeous signs that we had printed and I know you want to see one. Here it is:

I’m pretty excited about the signs…. but not about the extra boxes, which I then piled up with the who cares car parts box in the living room so Cristian would SEE them and remember that he promised to get rid of them.

Instead, this happened:

And now I don’t know if the boxes are EVER leaving.


4 thoughts on “Box Sitter

  1. Love kitty’s and boxes. Have no idea what it’s about but have never yet found one that doesn’t find a box simply fascinating. I have, however, figured out that men simply don’t see junk building up around them. They simply move around it and seem to feel it’s part of the new decor. Good luck getting them recycled! 🙂

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