Breezy But Contained

My mom found this netted cage, probably for small dogs, back when we lived at the old house. The kitties desperately wanted to get outside but, living in the middle of the woods, there were all sorts of creatures that could scratch/bite/peck/eat them out there. Instead of letting Fatty McCantRunAway and Old Man GummyMouthNoClaws fend for themselves in the wilderness, I took them out on the deck in the net cage (which Velcros closed at both ends) to let them sniff the wind but not so much run with it.

I completely forgot I had that bad boy in all the times I’ve let the Wheezies run loose on the deck, partly, I think because there are fewer wild animals out here in the city (there are some, but I’m much bigger than them and I will punch a coyote in the face if it attacks my boys) so I figure they’re fairly safe with my supervision.

Although… I think Captain ate a spider the other day. (“Great,” Cristian said, “Now he’s gonna die from eating a stupid spider. What’s WRONG with these cats?!” They are special special boys.) But it is also possible that he was licking the dew drops off of a cobweb… which is also stupid and kinda gross but… likely.

Anyhoo, Cristian went into the shed, found the cage and hauled it out for us the other day (which was not yesterday because yesterday the remnants of hurricane whatever made the deck look a little like a swimming pool).


Kitties definitely enjoyed the Outside portion of this event but not so much the lack of freedom to sniff all the things.


They fought a little, like they do in close quarters but pissy fights only (Bill pushes a foot into Captain’s ribs, Captain smacks Bill on the head). Then they both sat down and sniffed the air until we brought them back inside.

Less of a sniff adventure, yes, but we stayed out longer!