Posted in September 2012

Furry Alarm Clock

Mommy? WAKE UP! You have to go to another all day outdoor festival… in the rain… even though you’re exhausted. I’ll be right here when you get back. Advertisements

Hissy McCrankypants

I finally got a video of Bill jumping… but it’s on the work camera and I haven’t downloaded yet. Instead, let me tell you that during yesterday’s jump/chase game, in which Bill did some amazing aerial acrobatics, there came a point where he hissed at his toy. He HISSED at his toy. What is that … Continue reading

You Have Been Judged

The Wheezyriders are judging you. They think you should stop what you’re doing (*coughplaying on the internetcough*) and go play or snuggle with your pets instead.  

Get Them Paws Up

As I sit here writing this post, I’m pretty sure I’m supposed to be playing jumpy toy with Bill (he is staring at me intensely which usually means I need to play, feed, or pick up poop…. and I already picked up poop) so I better make this quick. I had the good camera from … Continue reading

Ain’t No Sunshine

My friends and furriends, it has been a tough couple of weeks. Between starting a new early morning job and working the festival circuit for my old job, I’m pretty freaking exhausted. But add to that my fiance’s grandmother’s passing last week and her wake and funeral this week, and I got nothin’ left. Please … Continue reading

Early to Steam

Mommy’s schedule change has thrown the Wheezies’ snuggle cycle off and they are all sorts of confused now. I found them outside the bathroom door this morning at 5:20 looking at me like, “First of all… WHAT are you doing up right now and secondly, why weren’t we invited to shower time? If my boys … Continue reading

Negative Space Cats

Busy Day = Slideshow Day Don’t look at my cats! Don’t look! They are shy. Look at the negative space around them instead. And while you’re at it, check out (and follow, if you dare) my Pinterest page which NOT ONLY has pictures and illustrations of Wheezies, but of other stuff too. Like Stevie Nicks. … Continue reading

Cheesetastic Treats

I was trying to put shredded cheese on the bread in the toaster oven (without pulling the tray out… which would have worked better) when I burned my hand and MADE IT RAIN… cheese. Captain was all over that mess. Bill took a few licks and moved on.

Warm Snugly Death

Let’s not learn by doing this time around, kitties. Yes, you can peek into the dryer when Mommy takes the warm clothes out but NO NO NO you cannot jump in and snuggle. That way lies warm snugly spinning death.

This is How Everyone Wins

Let me tell you why I am the best Kitty Mommy in the World today (according to Captain). Because I came home from work/gym and immediately opened the back door. Why not? It’s sunny but cool and breezy, the mosquitoes who kill don’t come out until dusk, and I really need to get stuff done … Continue reading