Will Snuggle for Play

I woke up to the sound of kitty scratchin’s on the bedroom door this morning and since Cristian was getting up anyway, I told him to just let the damn cat in. What followed was the most shameless display of cutey cat pandering that ever I did see.

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I can tell when he’s sucking up because he purrs before anyone acknowledges him. And boy howdy, was he purring. He crawled up my torso, got right in my face and purred. Then he rolled over between us and stretched out and purred. Then he slothed up over Cristian and purred (that’s when he walks his front paws over and then drags his belly and back legs across) and purred.

And then finally, when I got up, he jumped up and followed me. When I hit the hallway, he flew around the corner and galloped down the stairs. I found him perched behind his scratchy toys staring at his ribbon, waiting for me to pick it up.

So that whole show, all that snuggle cuteness, that was all to convince me to get up and play with you?

Oh kitties.




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