Stop Eating Floss

I can HEAR the trash can moving across the bathroom floor so I KNOW Captain is in there, trying to pick floss out of the trash can and eat it.

Why?! Why must you eat floss? Because it’s mint flavored? Because you’re sick of having cat food breath? I don’t GET IT!


12 thoughts on “Stop Eating Floss

  1. Well, would it make you feel better to know that we forgot to put up the gate when we went to work yesterday and Jake was able to attack all 4 upstairs trash bins (with floss), AND the cat litter box? It was epic. I needed a drink after cleaning that one.

    • And that is why I don’t think I can handle a dog. Cats are way smarter about eating things they shouldn’t. My cats have always stuck to one vice like plastic bags or mice or floss. Dogs will eat anything just for funsies.

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