Chubby High Jumper

Because I buy less and makeshift more, since my Wheezies are fond of recycling, I tied an old toy to a string and presented… New Toy!

Toy on a string!

And Billy LOVES new toy. Captain plays too every once in a while but Billy has been inspired, after years of sticking close to the ground, to LEAP for new toy. And I don’t mean the Billy classic, jumping with the front paws but leaving most of the rest of his body on the ground.

I mean he LEAPS! His entire body leaves the floor, hovers for a moment, and then descends at a rapid rate.

Take that Mean Vet! Not only are we doing our part to control his food intake, but we are making sure he gets plenty of exercise as well.

Attack string

In fact, since Bill likes to chase both the toy part and the string part of new toy, I was attacking both ends of his body with both ends of the toy and watching him do little kitty crunches.

That’s my little cathlete!


6 thoughts on “Chubby High Jumper

      • Hahaha! I don’t know but I’m not sad I’m missing out on that one. I do have to do an under the furniture sweep now and then to find all the stashed and lost “toys” which are occasionally trash picked out of the garbage. Oh kitties.

  1. Once in a blue moon I lift up the kitchen rug, and what do I find? Scrunched up biscuit wrappers, sticks of dry spaghetti, plastic cable clips, and sometimes an actual toy. And I discovered where the pencil sharpener black hole is….behind the washing machine.

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