Kitty Safety, Burglar Proof

There’s a window in our basement bathroom that’s almost always hidden behind energy-efficient shades. It has occurred to me on a few occasions that we could probably frost the glass somehow and at least sometimes be able to leave it open. But it’s right next to the toilet, so there’s a privacy issue there. It’s street level, so there’s a safety issue there. And it looks into the man cave with all of it’s various stealable whatnots, so there’s a burglar issue there as well.

But, the thing is… the Wheezies freaking LOVE that window. It’s set on a shelf next to the toilet so it’s easy for both of them to climb up to. There’s also plenty of space for both of them to sit (as opposed to the window in my office that TECHNICALLY they could share… but they choose not to) and being right at street level, there’s oh so much to look at between passing cars and waving blades of grass, birds flying about and wind tossing everyone’s recycling around.

So once in a while, I’ll open the shades and let them sit there and my gods, but they are in their glory. Until… it’s time to close the shades and play somewhere else. Poor sad kitties.

But the last time I opened the magic portal into kitty fantasy land, some dude was crossing the street in our direction, looked right in our window and gave us a very distinct, not at all subtle, “What the hell do you think you’re looking at?!” look.

Soooo… pretty easy to see right in to my bathroom, huh? Whoops. And that’s why we keep the shade closed.


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