Save Your Money, Use What You Got

I stopped by Petco last week during an epic sort of thunder storm wherein I intended to buy a few things from Trader Joe’s in the same plaza but knew the rain would tear apart those paper bags. So I popped into the pet store instead, planning to look at fish and rodents and maybe wander through the kitty section looking for fun things. I saw ferrets sleeping upside down with their tongues out and that pretty much made my day.

I love cat condos. I love climbing structures for kitties! But I have an old cat and a fat cat and neither one could climb to more than the second level of those things. Instead, I looked at pet beds with covers because Bill likes to hide (knowing full well that the cat carrier takes him to mean vet, he still always plays in it whenever I take it out). And of the many different sizes and shapes of covered kitty beds I found, not a single one was big enough for my portly friend. It was very disappointing.

Bill won’t fit in there!

I did, however, save myself $15-35 on NOT buying one of these bad boys.

When I got home, Bill was still in the cat carrier, which I had aaaaaccidentally forgotten to put away after our booster shot day. It was in the basement, near Cristian’s desk and he said Bill’s been hanging out in there a lot.

Really? With no blanket in it? All plastic and cold (he does enjoy sitting on the bathroom floor)? Innnnteresting.

Bill’s Man Cave

Problem solved! I threw his favorite blanket over the top, let the fringe hang over the entrance and Bill now spends HOURS sitting in his mini-man cave in Cristian’s maxi-man cave “hiding” and hanging out with Daddy.




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