Thundah Buddies

Billy is not “afraid of thunder” like some animals are afraid of thunder with the panic and the shaking and the crying. He’s afraid of loud noises in general but unless it happens very close to him and very VERY unexpectedly, he’ll just cock his head, open his eyes really wide, and stop his own heart so he can listen for signs of impending doom. When it doesn’t come, he blinks and resumes breathing, and goes about the business of doing very little.

But he was very needy last night and Cristian insisted it was because of the thunder AND that we leave the bedroom door open so Bill could sleep with us if he wanted. Ugh, bad plan.

Because Billy Boy does not sit still. He climbed up on my chest and pawed my eyes, he climbed over Cristian’s torso and nipped his armpit a couple times (Bill’s got a thing about armpits), then he’d walk over our feet a couple times, climb back up my entire body (I did mention he’s REALLY heavy, right), manage to put one heavy paw on my bladder EVERY time before jumping down off the bed, and back up, and back down, and back up.

All. Night. Lo-ong. All night. All NIGHT Lo-ong.

The final straw for ME, however, was when Captain finally joined us around 5:30am with the crying and the kneading and the ALSO stepping on my bladder. That’s when kitties got kicked out. That’s when I finally got TWO decent hours of sleep.

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They are leaving me alone this morning for the most part. Other than the begging to go outside and to play ribbons.


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