Playtime Has No Set Schedule

Sooo… most people are woken up early by their pets for food, right? That’s normal behavior. Cat jumps on human’s face and mrows a demand for food? I’ve heard of that.

My cat woke me up this morning to play. TO PLAY. Billy…. what the crap, man?

It was some time around 6:30 this morning and yes, I’m sorry to those of you who rise before the dawn or earlier if your pets are insistent, but I work evenings so yes, I sleep until 7ish. And Fridays, Cristian doesn’t go to his other job until noon so it’s typically a sleep-in day. So imagine my annoyance, thinking I’m going to snooze until 8 this morning, when Bill starts scratching at the door.

Now, those little pathetic, “Mommy? I’m here. Do you hear me?” scratches are non-claw and no big deal. But the WAKE UP! scratches occasionally leave marks in the door. No good comes of ignoring them.

So I did get up, and I opened the door and glared at my little poop maker. He was still debating whether or not to run away when I stepped over him and went to the bathroom instead. But he stealthed in before I shut the door and was SO snuggly and making such the cute faces that I knew he was in Super Needy Mode and wouldn’t leave me alone until I complied.

I followed him downstairs, expecting him to run to the food bowl, but no. He ran to his toy stash and hid behind his wave-shaped scratchy, peeking out at me. “Seriously, buddy? You woke me up to PLAY with you?!”

Yes. Yes he did.

But then he left me alone. I haven’t seen him since. 10 minutes of ribbon chasing and then Mommy’s free to go about her business.


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