Captain’s Snack-Filled Nest

Not 10 minutes ago, Cristian called up the stairs, “Why is Captain crying? And where IS he?”

So I stopped what I was doing (writing a completely different post for today) and went into the hallway to listen. I could hear him crying and I could hear Cristian walking around calling him but it wasn’t terribly loud so I determined he was not locked in the bathroom, bedroom, or linen closets (all places he has, indeed, been locked in).

On my way down the stairs, and with Cristian still looking under furniture for him, the Captain calls got louder until Cristian said, “Wait… is he…” and opened the pantry doors.

Out. Popped. The Captain.

Cristian had opened the pantry for SECONDS to get the cereal and Captain had stealthed himself in there and found himself trapped. I’m willing to bet that if he pushed the door from the inside, he could have gotten out, little drama queen, but he did not.

Cristian felt “so bad” for him but I didn’t. I said, “Let that be a LESSON to you, Nugget, about NOT going in cabinets!” He didn’t listen. He never does.

Also, he was in there for about 2 and a half minutes and is it a SPACIOUS cabinet. If it had a cat flap door, it would be his little snack-filled nest.



4 thoughts on “Captain’s Snack-Filled Nest

  1. My little furry cherubs actually open the kitchen cabinet doors (loudly and with much slamming and banging noises) but they will sleep right in there. One cat, Mojo, is the biggest offender. He’s very small and fits in the weirdest of spaces.

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