We Have Survived Our Harrowing Journey!

We are now home from the vet, which took longer than I thought but cost $8 less than I assumed. Kitties are now sleepyfaced and hardcore napping in the living room while I refrain from leaving the house in case they have violent mouth or butt reactions to their shots. So far, so good. Nothing is spewing out of anywhere.

Also, I only saw the evil vet when she emerged from the back room, looked around, completely avoided my glare, and went back in the back. Then I hissed at her. Because someone should.

Billy was kind of a jerk on the way home, though. He kept pushing Captain and kicking him and generally being a buttface.

It wasn’t THAT dramatic, Nugget.


4 thoughts on “We Have Survived Our Harrowing Journey!

  1. Oh the evil booster jabs. I have to keep my cats up to date with completely unnecessary vaccinations, or my insurance will be invalid. And I don’t want to risk that with 3 crazy fearless naughty young furbags. Your babes are super-cute. You have really brought them to life.

    • Read and learn, LadyMcMeanVet. Stop trying to sell me stuff and start treating my cats.

      More likely, I would assume I wasn’t worth her time because she had nothing to sell me that day.

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