The Devil Wears Lab Coats

Oh geez, oh no, oh man. Oh sweet sucker of money and bringer of false tidings. We’re going to the vet today.

The Wheezies, they don’t know. I took the cat carrier out of the garage last night and left it in the basement (and because we’ve obviously learned NOTHING, the very first thing kitties did was play in and around it).

It’s just a booster shot (Oh god, it’s just a booster. It’s JUST a BOOSTER.) but I am nervous. Kitties are gonna be SO MAD AT ME. And I’m gonna be SO MAD at the vet if she pulls any of that, “I think Billy has high cholesterol so it’s probably a good idea to put him on $25/pill medication and bring him in once a week for a $40 checkup until we can lower it a bit.

I know I said I’d look for a new vet and I promise you I will but we made this appointment back at the time of the last one because it had been so long since the boys got a rabies shot that they… needed a booster? I don’t know. Maybe she lied about that too.

So wish us luck that kitties survive without crying themselves hoarse, that the vet turns off her used car salesman charm and just gives them the freaking shot without upselling us any more diseases, and that I… don’t punch homegirl in the FACE because she LIES and stresses me out.


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