Friendship OVER!

Niki, your cat bit me.

Ok, yeah, we were playing with that little cardboard thing on wire so it bounces all over and drives L’il Miss One Brown Finger ape… poop but still. She bit my hand and she didn’t even apologize. Then she ran away. Then she came back and demanded that I pat her. Also, she puked in the bathroom and didn’t poop in the box sooo…. either she hasn’t pooped in two days or there’s a poop hiding somewhere for you when you come home.

I’m serious though, if she’s not nice to me on Sunday, she and I are not friends ANYMORE.

The toy was pretty awesome… until such point as it convinced SupaTeeth to bite me. Ow.


6 thoughts on “Friendship OVER!

  1. Yeah. She sometimes gets bitey. She also sometimes doesnt poop every day. She gets moody, but she is probably 18-20 and is old lady crazypants. I hope you didnt bleed. The bites arent usually that hard. 😦 If it makes you feel better, I have souveneirs….

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