The Winning Over of Fancy Feast Face

I went to my homeslice’s house yesterday for some KittyLove while the humans are vacationing. I did the food part and the poop part and then I went looking for Kittyface for some pats and snuggles.

I’m going to stop right here and admit that I completely forget the cat’s name. And I’m sorry about that. She doesn’t seem to mind being called Pretty Girl or Snuggleface though, so I think she and I are all good.

Anyhoo, when I found L’il Miss Kitten Nose, she looked at me like… “Who in the name of Merlin’s beard, are YOU and HOW did you get in MY house! This will not do. BE GONE, INTRUDER!”

I was all, “What up, homes? I’m here to give you food and pats and take away your poop! Let’s snuggle!”

So I laid down on the floor, let her sniff me a little, and eventually my pet-charming ways won her over. She totally did a face-floor flip (Bill does those a lot but they’re more funny because he’s chubby) and let me pat her belly.


Eventually, though, I had to leave and that did not please Princess Von Whisker Nibbles. She adopted a stern stance, stared me down, and cried a demand for me to stay. Then she… ran away. So I left.

I’ll be back on Friday, Nibblet. There will be more snuggles in your future, soft kitty with one brown toe. And maybe some better pictures? My cell phone ain’t all fancy pants like your smartie phones. It can only do so much in low light.


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