Some Like It Hot

It’s in the nature of the Cornish Rex to enjoy what others might consider unbearably hot circumstances. I’m willing to bet the industrial smell issue from last week was the result of Captain trying to snuggle the boiler or some other piece of house heating machinery in the basement. And while the bath was unnerving because of its wetness, the warmness of the water when I poured it over his back made Captain purr just a little bit.

But the outside air on a 93 degree day? Really?

I opened the window just a tad on Saturday because he was sitting on the sill crying at me and I couldn’t get ANYTHING done. But a tad didn’t cut the mustard and he wouldn’t stop digging at it (that’s right, because digging opens windows) until I opened it enough for him to WEDGE HIMSELF IN.

You’re thinking, “That can’t be comfortable!” aren’t you? No, I don’t imagine it is, which is probably why he’d only sit there for a minute at most before he got up, spun around and tried to squish into the window frame from the other direction. This went on for half an hour with me trying to close the window every time he got up to move.

Oh Captain, whose name is an anagram of Catpain, which I found out just now by mistyping! I’d say that’s pretty accurate. But it makes him so happy! He does his little eye squinty thing and I just can’t resist the cute.


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