Target Needs to Pay Me to Endorse Pet Products

I keep telling Cristian, you can’t get mad when the cats leave a big ole pukey mess on the carpet. Cats don’t throw up intentionally. If they poop on the carpet, that’s intentional. That warrants a stern talking to and much finger pointing. But puke is an accident so you just clean it and move on without reprimanding them for something they have little control over.

And generally, I believe all that to be true.

But I may have glared an “are you freaking kidding me” glare at Bill this morning for the 2 massive piles of puke he left on the living room floor. I just de-peepee scented the entire house yesterday and already we’re filling it with the equally disgusting odor of half-digested kitty kibble. Damn you, cat.

Bill doesn’t vomit often but when he does, he goes for the gold.

Woolite did not sponsor this post but they totally cleaned the mountains of cat puke off my carpet. $2 cheaper at Target than my grocery store.