Brought to You Today By Number 3 and the Letter C

3 posts. 3 Cat-scented Catastrophes.

So after I dealt with the Peepee Stink Feet and the Mountains of Vomit, I found myself wondering, “Captain… why do you smell… industrial?”

And friends, I have yet to find the answer. But Captain must have sneaked into some corner of the basement filled with some… sort of poisonous-smelling nogoodness because he smelled like a factory that had been shut down after giving 4 generations of workers nasty terminal-type cancers. And this is an animal that LICKS itself clean so I thought maybe being covered in industrial odors might be a bad thing.

So we took a bath! Which we don’t do very often. And boy howdy was that ever fun!

To be fair, Captain was somewhat mellow in the tub. He does love all warm things and the soapy water in the tub was on the warmer side of pleasant. But escape was inevitable and Mommy had a nice new set of scratches to prove it.

The thing is, the bath in the cat-specific cleaner wasn’t enough. He still smelled. So I dried him off as best I could and applied a layer of no-water-needed cleaner which, at the very least, has made him smell better. But having not much in the way of fur and being very very wet (surprisingly, he ran away from the towel), I’ve had to leave him in the bathroom with the heat lamp on so he wouldn’t freeze to death in the air conditioned bedroom. He’s crying like someone stole his candy right now.

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I went back for a second round because the cat STILL smelled bad, as did my hands, and my towel. He’s a little better now but still not normal. And naturally, he is in full Mommy Avoidance Mode.

What the crap did he get into?


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  1. BWAA HA HA! PeePee Stink Feet and the Mountain of Vomit is my new favorite phrase. I will be substituting it for all book and movie titles from this moment forward. As in: “I love that scene in PeePee Stink Feet and the Mountain of Vomit where she makes a dress out of the curtains”

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