Posted in August 2012

Persnickety Kitty

Captain likes to snuggle. Captain does not like to be confined. There is a delicate line between the two. So he hates being picked up. He hates being held in anyway that makes him feel like he can’t escape. He likes to crawl into tiny spaces but freaks out if he thinks he can’t get … Continue reading

OH MY GOD, We Got a Box

Cristian ordered some junk and who cares about that. We got a BOX to play with last night! It’s still in the living room now but kitties are following me around the house, as is tradition. They do not know that the box is going into the recycling today. Play while you can, kitties!

Will Snuggle for Play

I woke up to the sound of kitty scratchin’s on the bedroom door this morning and since Cristian was getting up anyway, I told him to just let the damn cat in. What followed was the most shameless display of cutey cat pandering that ever I did see. I can tell when he’s sucking up … Continue reading

Stop Eating Floss

I can HEAR the trash can moving across the bathroom floor so I KNOW Captain is in there, trying to pick floss out of the trash can and eat it. Why?! Why must you eat floss? Because it’s mint flavored? Because you’re sick of having cat food breath? I don’t GET IT!

A Jedi Always Takes the High Ground

Captain and Bill were besties in their foster hospital and the staff there preferred if they were adopted together. I said ok and that is that. But their relationship isn’t without its complications. There is some jealousy. Billy likes toys and tends to assume all the toys are his. So when Captain decides, every once … Continue reading

Anybody Wanna Peanut?

Ok, that’s it. No more outside! Captain was crying like someone stole his candy this morning so we let the boys outside while I watered the slowly dying plants. They wandered around, sniffed the furniture and because Captain kept trying to escape, we went in early. Except that Bill protested. Of course, Billy always protests… … Continue reading

Captain Dinosaur and Billy Battlecat

I’m short on time and long on stuff to do today so instead of words, I present to you one of my favorite pictures of the Wheezyriders: My little monsters like to spar. This was taken at my old house, the Magic Spider Cottage. I like that Captain looks like a dinosaur.

Chubby High Jumper

Because I buy less and makeshift more, since my Wheezies are fond of recycling, I tied an old toy to a string and presented… New Toy! And Billy LOVES new toy. Captain plays too every once in a while but Billy has been inspired, after years of sticking close to the ground, to LEAP for … Continue reading

Kitty Safety, Burglar Proof

There’s a window in our basement bathroom that’s almost always hidden behind energy-efficient shades. It has occurred to me on a few occasions that we could probably frost the glass somehow and at least sometimes be able to leave it open. But it’s right next to the toilet, so there’s a privacy issue there. It’s … Continue reading

Billy on the Deck with Sunshine

Captain was sleeping elsewhere in the house when I decided to go outside to water the herbs yesterday. Bill, however, where in the ever he was, heard me open the back door and came running. But Bill’s been behaving pretty well outside lately. Less with the running away and more with the laying down and … Continue reading