Son of Peepee Stink Feet

Now, I know that I am not super diligent when it comes to cleaning the litter box and let me tell you why: there’s poop in there.

But I never let it get THAT bad, which is is why I was a little…  (I’m gonna use the word “concerned” but I want you to know that what I really mean is “skeeved out”) concerned  Captain’s wee little pansy paws were peepee scented this morning when he crawled under my blanket and sat on my neck. So after I washed my neck and face and hands and his feet and Bill’s feet, I went to the basement to investigate.


As it turns out, this whole issue is my fault. Of course. Because in a moment of weakness, I bought the store brand kitty litter because… seriously, they poop on it; why should I have to pay $4 more for the fancy stuff.

The answer: because $4 more means thicker litter pellets means no more peepee stink feet walking on my face. $4 more means flavor crystals that make the litter smells fresh and clean, like a morning breeze. $4 more, it seems, means thick enough chunks of litter that I don’t create a sandstorm every time I refill the littler box. Also, it’s only $2 more at Target.

Lesson learned. There are things you skimp on (store brand cheese or dish washing liquid) and things you don’t (meat, face cream, kitty litter).


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