Bluegrass Songs About My Cats

Despite their own daily multi-naps, the Wheezyriders, they do not appreciate when Mommy and Daddy oversleep. And we… may have done so this morning.

But I’m a good kittymommy so when the cries of concerned kitties started coming through the gap in the door, I got up. And I opened the door. Aaaand then went back to bed for 20 minutes. In those 20 minutes, kitties ran around the bedroom, in and out of the closet, under the bed, across the bed, under the covers, and at least twice stared at their reflection in the cabinet doors. That never gets old for them.

When I did finally get up, I had to remove Captain from my abdomen where he was working diligently on biscuit-making but I couldn’t find Bill. I had assumed he left the room until I stumbled into the dark closet and said, “Oh, no. He’s here.”

“What?” said Cristian.

“Billy,” I responded. “Billy’s in the closet, sitting on my jeans.”

Billy’s in the clos-et, sittin’ on my jeans, dum duh duh dum duh dee dum dum dum!

Billy… did not appreciate my song. Instead, he ran full speed into my leg, scratched my big toe, and scampered away.

Not everyone likes a banjo solo.