Daddy Makes Loud Noises

I was out last night so I did not witness any of the events herein described.

Cristian and his dad like old cars. They have three. These three cars live in his dad’s garage which less than a quarter mile from our house. Unfortunately, two of the three cars have issues that need to be dealt with so to make enough space in the garage for car fixin’s, the not broken car was going to come and live in our attached garage for a little while.

Blue car = problem. Orange car = visitor.

Last night, while I was out, Cristian brought the car to our house, drove it into the garage and immediately set off all of the carbon monoxide detectors. Which immediately set off a kitty panic. As he dashed about the house, trying to turn off the detectors (which failed), kitties followed him, monitoring his progress and crying words of encouragement like, “Mrow!” and “Mreeeeeow!” When Cristian opened the garage doors to air it all out, kitties (logically) tried to escape. Once, finally, the detectors had been vanquished and the car moved back to its home garage, poor scared kitties continued to follow Cristian around the house both chastising and thanking him. Because they know that Daddy is noisy and he brings the loud sounds. But he also defeats the loud sounds and saves the kitties. Daddy is both loved and feared.

Respect the Daddy, the bringer of Loud Sounds


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