Stuffed Animals

Back at the old house, where doors where rarely shut and kitties roamed free, Captain, at least, always slept with Mommy, snuggled up under the blankets. In fact, I believe Captain conditioned me to sleep on my back with one armed crooked so he’d always have a place to curl up. He’s a sound sleeper, too, the Captain. Once he finds his comfy spot, he stays there for hours making only the tiniest of adjustments that rarely woke me up.

Bill has always been a fidgeter. He will sit still for about 30 seconds before making some big movement or flipping over or running away. He conditioned me to sleep only on one side of the bed so that he could spread out or move around on the other. It was good training for sharing a bed with Cristian, actually, who does the same thing.

Speaking of which, I wasn’t feeling well this morning and it was 8,000 degrees in the bedroom and Cristian was in the middle of the bed and expanding outward so I got up… at like 5am. That probably doesn’t seem early to you every day early-risers with day jobs and children and whatnot but remember, I don’t “go” to work until 3:30pm and my work from home work happens whenever I darn tootin’ feel like it… and usually in my pajamas… like right now and for the next 2ish hours. So a 5am wakeup time is like, unheard of. It was dark out, still. Very strange.

Anyway, I was still tired but unable to sleep in the sweat lodge with Chief Snores-a-Lot of the BedHog Tribe so I wandered into my office/second bedroom and crawled into the guest bed which, by the by, is my old bed from old house which is currently covered in old bedspread from old house so you can forgive the inclination toward old-timey reminiscences since they’re sort of unstoppable with that much old floating around. Also, I left the door open.

First Captain, then Bill, hopped up on the bed and snuggled in just like we used to. Bill took up the right half of the bed, moving top to bottom to top again, snuggling then moving away, leaning on me and then pawing my head for attention. Captain crawled under the blanket on my right, spun around in circles within the crook of my arm, and then settled down. I snoozed a little and woke to find Bill curled up between my feet and Captain still curled inside my arm but leaning his cheek against mine. Awwwwwwwww kitties.

I have no pictures of our snuggletime… because I was sleeping but here’s a visual of cuteness just for the sake of “awww” sounds:


3 thoughts on “Stuffed Animals

  1. Awww! My Matty has me well trained too. I must sleep on my side with my arm just so, that I can wrap it around him and give him pets and scratches under the chin as he pleases. Also, I never know what side I’m going to sleep on when I get into bed. It always depends on what side Mr. Matty feel like laying that particular night. Kitties have such personalities don’t they?

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