Deck Adventures

Captain was looking a little forlorn this morning. He didn’t want pats. He didn’t want to play. He didn’t want to snuggle. He wasn’t even crying… until I opened the back door.

I may have been played.

Regardless of how it came to pass, I ended up taking the Wheezyriders outside this morning. I had to water the plants anyway and better now, I thought, then when it really gets hot out. So I let Captain skitter out the door first, holding Bill back because I cannot keep track of two monsters in the yard. Not this early. Not with that much humidity making me stupid.

Again, he ran for the second level of the deck and tried to sneak past me out into the grass, but I cut him off. He made it his mission instead to sniff the bajesus out of the grill. And that’s… pretty much how he spent his outside time. Sniffing the grill.

He protested a little when I picked him up to bring him in, but only the standard twisting to get out of my arms stuff.

Bill was another story. Once I let him out, he sniffed the bar and the chairs, then he sniffed the plants and the fence. Then he climbed up on the second level and spent the rest of his time under the table sniffing all the chairs and the umbrella base. When it got too hot for me to play anymore, I coaxed him out from under a chair with pats (happy kitty sounds!) and picked him up (angry kitty sounds!) and he cried like I was beating him until I brought him back inside. Such drama with that one.

In my mind, now, Kitties have had their outside time. They came, they saw, they sniffed and now we’re donesies. Right? No more begging to go outside?

Yeah. Right.


3 thoughts on “Deck Adventures

  1. I’m telling ya, mine are indoor/outdoor kitties! Keeps the litter box and cat hair cleaner! They roam in circles, slowly moving outward. Just make sure to put a tick collar on them when they go out. My little ones go out for a while, come back in to check if I’m still there (translation: MOMMYYYYYYY, is it safe? You still be here when I getz bak?), then run around more, then come in and are all happy-tired cats. They come when I call them, too. Let them be FREEEEEEEE (Added bonus: they will stop annoying you)

    • Can’t do. Captain has no front claws and very little fur. Outside is a dangerous place for him. And I can’t very well let Bill wander free while Captain’s trapped inside.

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