Kitty Community Outreach

So, I took Texas‘s advice and asked Captain what his mission was.

You guys, he totally wouldn’t tell me. All I know is that our friend, Kitty Friend, hasn’t been seen since late spring but quite possibly, he’s been smelled since then in one of the many outdoor trips the Wheezyriders have taken. I think Captain is concerned.

Kitty friend appeared on our deck during that unseasonably warm spell late last winter. He was chillin’ in the sunshine when Cristian spotted him and we opened the back door to take a picture. Captain and Bill ran to the door and begged to go outside and meet him proper-like (with the butt sniffing and whatnot) but I said no because I am a mean Mommy.

But I did open the door a crack and let them sniff each other through it and thus was formed a friendship. Kitty Friend came back to visit a couple times and I saw him walking around the neighborhood throughout the spring but no sign of him has come this summer. Again, I think Captain might be concerned for his health and possibly searching for him.

When I asked Bill this morning if my assumptions were correct, all he had to say was, “I pooped on the floor again. Can you clean it now?”


3 thoughts on “Kitty Community Outreach

    • I get the feeling he has several missions and chooses whichever is mostly likely to be accomplished at that particular moment… which he may have learned from watching me. Close to the door? Mission: Get Outside. Getting out of the shower? Mission: Lick the bathtub water. Sitting on the couch? Mission: Snugglefest. Captain’s got quite the agenda.

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