Captain on a Mission

Animals are aware of things that humans need not know. Captain has been on a mission. It has something to do with the backyard and he so desperately wants to get out there on a regular basis that he’s been driving us NUTS with the crying and the following us around.

So finally, yesterday, while waiting for dinner to heat up, I took him out. Actually, more accurately, I opened the back door and he stealthed out. Normal Wheezyrider behavior for outside, as you may remember, is SNIFF ALL THE THINGS! Oh but not yesterday, oh no. Yesterday, he went around the furniture he usually sniffs, took a 3 second pause to examine the potted herbs, and then ran for the hills, all while crying rhythmically.

(The Hills = the second level of the deck and the stone stairs that lead to the hill that lead to the park behind our yard.)

I… was not expecting this. I did not have shoes on. I had to run and dive to stop him from escaping the deck. Then I brought him right the heckfire back in the house.

No, his mission was not accomplished, it seems, but he may have picked up some valuable intel because he and Billy sniffed noses for much longer than usual and Bill did not make a fuss or a face about not getting his own turn outside.

I found them conspiring at various times yesterday as well.

Hmm… do I want to know or do I want to mind my own human business and let Captain Courageous handle it?


2 thoughts on “Captain on a Mission

  1. Oh Captain, my Captain. Jean Luc always knew best.
    P.S. I learned a while back to just let them run around screaming if they get all escapey. They come crying back in a few minutes, especially if you’re all like “Whatevs, Cap, I’m totally closing the door and not paying attention to you.”
    P.P.S. I live on Main St. and they still haven’t gone all dead on me.

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