Things Under Other Things Are More Fun

Billy loves the ribbon. Chase it, chew it, rip it, claw it, drag it around… smack it up, flip it, rub it down Oooh Nooooooooo!

But the very best fun of all it when the ribbon or the feather or the Dunkin straw or whatever is UNDER something else. It adds an air of mystery, doesn’t it. It tugs at the hunter instinct. It’s STUFF under other STUFF!

And this, my friends, is extra amusing for me because the results is pictured below: the Fat Man in a Little Coat principle.


Much like Maru diving into boxes, Billy will dive under his wave scratcher in hot pursuit of some tasty toy. Then he will get stuck, panic a little, and back out quickly, taking the entire structure with him. Apparently, however, he’s never traumatized enough to not try it again. Or to hang out there for a while. He’s my special big guy.


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