Look at Me! LOOK at MEEEEE!

There are times when all attention should be focused exclusively on the kitty and it doesn’t matter what one is doing when kitty decides it is time to focus.

Mommy… mommy… look at me. LOOK AT ME!

And you would THINK that focus was required to tell Mommy there needs to be more food in my dish or someone’s breaking into the house and you need to save me or… I don’t know, Timmy’s trapped in a well.

But with Bill, the Look at Me game means either, “It is time for you to play with me right now,” or “I pooped on the floor. I’m sorry. Could you please clean it because it smells bad.”

So when I got the Look At Me sign this morning, I was relieved when I followed him downstairs and he sprinted immediately to his toy corner, almost tripping me down the stairs in the process.

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15 minutes worth of ribbon play later and he was satisfied. I was free to go…. back upstairs where Captain cried at the bedroom door until Daddy came out and patted him. By the way, we both got up more than an hour earlier than usual this morning. It must just be a special day of kitty love.


3 thoughts on “Look at Me! LOOK at MEEEEE!

  1. Quin does the “AAaAaAAhhhh I’m attacking your toes!!!!” wake-up when he’s like that. Athena just sits there and cries until you throw her around and play. I like to put her in the dryer. Just sayin.

    • Captain keeps staring at the dryer with intense longing and curiosity. It IS warm and snuggly in there but that way lies death from excessive automated snuggling, my friend.

  2. Dixon loves the dryer – once off (hopefully obviously!) and then he plays around in the warm clothes and plays attack while I try to take them out to fold them! Fun times…. but now I always have to doubble and tripple check the dryer before actually drying clothes!

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